Frequently Asked Questions

How strong is the Life Saver Pool Fence?

Our Life Saver Pool Fences are made with durable mesh that can withstand over 350 lbs.  Each individual pole is tested to withstand over 100 lbs and continue to be ranked the strongest, most durable child safety pool fence available on the market. Combine the mesh material and poles, you will have the safest and strongest mesh pool fence to protect your kids.

What kind of fence do I need for an inground pool?

With an inground pool, you will need a Life Saver Pool Fence that is at least 4 feet high with a self-closing and self-latching pool gate.  We advise the fence to isolate the pool from the backyard and be the only access to the swimming pool area.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes!  We offer a lifetime warranty for every Life Saver Pool Fence component.  As long as you’re the original owner for our safety pool fence, you will not need to worry – we will guarantee a lifetime warranty!

Do you offer self-latching and self-closing gates?

Yes, we offer self-latching and self-closing gates.  Following guidelines from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, National Drowning Prevention Alliance, and others, we make sure we provide the best quality self-latching, self-closing gates available to swimming pool owners. Learn more about our pool safety gates here.

What is the cost for a mesh pool fence?

The cost of installing a mesh pool fence will depend on your preferences. The height, color, brand, and any upgrades you want are among the factors that affect pricing. Click here to schedule your FREE estimate now.

Can you install a Life Saver Pool Fence into any surface?

Our pool fences can be installed into any substantial surface or earth, so don’t worry!

I have an above ground pool, does mesh pool fence work for above ground pools?

Above ground or inground pools, we can install our safety pool fence around any type.  Around an above ground pool will work just the same as any other pool, we can install it around the entire pool or install on a deck that surrounds an above ground pool.

Can I and how do I remove a pool safety fence for Fall/Winter storage?

If you are looking to remove your pool fence for storage, simply disconnect the latching hardware by squeezing the two poles together where the sections meet to release the tension, then unhooking the latch between them.  Once all of the latches are disconnected, you can simply pull the pool fence poles from their sleeves and roll the mesh fence up for storage.

How much fence is needed to enclose a pool?

How much pool fencing depends entirely on the size of your pool and layout of your backyard patio area.  When we arrive to your home, we will determine how much of the Life Saver Pool Fence you will need.

Is there a required height for my fence?

Recommendations by the Center for Disease Control, Consumer Product Safety Commission, and the National Drowning Prevention Alliance state that a child safety fence should be a four-sided fence that isolates your swimming pool, has a height of at least 48’’ and has a self-closing, self-latching gate.  We also advise you to check the local requirements to get a better understanding of your fence.

How safe is a Life Saver Pool Fence?

Life Saver Pool Fence Systems, Inc. has been the leading provider of pool fencing and other pool safety products for over 30 years.  When you choose us, you will receive the best installation service, products, and a lifetime guarantee warranty for your mesh fencing.

Can you provide a virtual estimate?

Yes, we can and we do many! We just need to make sure that we have a clear view of your home and pool area from Google Earth.

Can the pool fence stand up to high winds?

For normal everyday storms or the rainy season, the fencing stands up very well to high winds. If it is a big hurricane with 90-100 mph sustained winds, we advise taking it down, even though many of our fences will remain in place.

Is it easily removable by myself or do I need you?

Life Saver pool safety fences can easily be taken down by homeowners within a matter of 15-20 minutes. At the end of the installation, we always show you how to take fences out and how to put them back up.

How long is my pool fence going to last?

Everything we touch as a Lifetime Warranty on it. There are so many pool fences that we have installed 20 years ago that still look brand new now!

Do you have anything for us homeowners to use to cover the holes your drilled in concrete?

Yes, we will leave you ground caps to cover the holes. So, if you take the fencing out, you can easily plug the holes.

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