Pool Fence Requirements in Louisiana

The history of pool fence requirements in Louisiana typically follows National building codes requiring 4-foot-high fences all around the pool. However, in the State of Louisiana, pool fence codes have varied and even changed over time too, and they may continue to.

Requirements by Parish in Louisiana

We advise to always check with your local City or Parish’s specific laws and requirements to be 100% sure of what you need to do to meet code.

We are happy to call and check into this for your specific neighborhood when you call. And, depending on the Parish you are in in Louisiana, we are capable of meeting or exceeding any building code to pass inspection.

Requirements by Insurance Companies

Many homeowners’ insurance policies require a fence to maintain coverage, therefore the requirements for pool fence go beyond State or local government entities alone and extend to Insurance providers too. Always check with your insurance provider to find out what is mandatory.

We Can Help

Regardless, at Life Saver Pool Fence of Louisiana we are happy to work with your Insurance Agent or your insurance carrier to find out your specific requirement.

Most importantly, we strongly advocate installing a pool fence for every home / building that has a pool for safety reasons alone. We believe the peace of mind and safety of your family should always come first.

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