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Removable mesh pool fencing has proven itself time and again for over thirty years in tens of thousands of homes to be the safest, most convenient layer of protection against the dangers swimming pools can pose to your toddler. Mesh pool fencing is the only easily removable child safety barrier and is a breeze to set up, making preparations for entertaining that much simpler.

In addition to providing a strong, secure barrier between your child and your pool, with 96% visibility through our near-transparent mesh, you can retain the beauty of your pool and landscaping while still providing an effective layer of protection.

The paramount point to all of the above features is that safety is first and foremost and never compromised…nor is quality. Life Saver uses only the highest quality material available and is the best removable mesh pool fence on the market. Every section of fencing including the pool gate and all accessory components are inspected at least 3 times for defects before they reach our clients.

Life Saver is the largest pool fence manufacturer in the United States and all material is manufactured and assembled in the USA. As your Life Saver distributor, our commitment and guarantee is to deliver only the very best product and installation to our client’s home and to help make it a safer place for children.

This is our first priority.

Please visit us at www.poolfence.com for additional safety and product information.


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