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Just south of Baton Rouge, Prairieville, Louisiana is a wonderful place to settle down with a family. A now bustling suburb, Prairiville gets its name from the beautiful pastures and prairies that surround the area and make it so distinct. Like the rest of Louisiana, Prairieville enjoys very long, hot summers – the hot season lasting four months and perhaps longer. Due to the extended summer and the hot weather that entails, residents and families in Prairieville do not want but need a pool; it is a necessity, not a luxury.

However, owning a pool comes with a lot of responsibility – and that responsibility should be of particular concern to Louisiana families and residents. Louisiana leads the nation in accidental pool drownings. Research has found that an average of 2.5 young children per 100,000 drowned in the U.S. from 2014 to 2017. Notably, in the state of Louisiana, the average was 5.8 drownings per 100,000 children during the same time period which is double the national rate. They are the second-highest state in drowning deaths coming in only after Florida. The study also found that over the past 10 years, drowning has caused more deaths in that age group in Louisiana than car crashes, fires, guns or suffocation.

As a homeowner and a child caretaker, you must establish that you have a safe and responsible pool environment: you and your family need a Life Saver Pool Fence. You also need to set some fair ground rules for the pool and ensure that your child understands and complies with all these rules. Anybody who oversees the child must also strictly adhere to the rules and learn how to act in medical emergencies. Most importantly, select a reputed company to install a fence around your pool.

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Why Should You Install A Life Saver Pool Fence?

All swimming pools in Prairieville need to be enclosed with walls, fences, or barriers that are no less than 48 inches in height. In addition, the pool must be equipped with an audio alarm and a pool safety cover to tighten your security measures. The gates of the fence should be 45 inches above the ground level with self-latching provisions and secure hardware for locking.

The Life Saver Pool Fence is the most reliable mesh pool fence available on the market, and it is backed by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. The mesh safety fence we use is strong and durable enough to handle all kinds of weather conditions – even high winds and storm surges. Additionally, the Life Saver pool fence is removable and can easily be taken down in just minutes if you want to change up the scenery of your backyard or prepare your yard for the winter. The patented poles we use for our removable pool safety fences are the best available in the industry, and the mesh we use is nearly impossible to break, making our fence the perfect option for any parent, grandparents, or caretaker. The mesh is also see-through, which means you can easily see the water while your children are playing in the pool giving you more peace of mind that they are safe.

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Life Saver Mesh Pool Fence


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    Life Saver Pool Fence: Keeping little feet on solid ground for 30 years.

    Life Saver Pool Fence Installations in Prairieville, Louisiana

    The professional pool fence installation process used by Life Saver Pool Fence of Louisiana ensures that you only have factory-trained professionals working on every installation from start to finish.

    Every year we require all our pool fence installers to attend safety seminars to enhance their knowledge and learn new installation techniques. We also keep ourselves up to date with any new product upgrades and pool safety information to ensure that you always have the safety products and the best-trained installers working on your pool fence installation.

    When you contact Life Saver Pool Fence of Louisiana to schedule a free pool fence estimate, our installers will come to your home to measure your pool and determine the best configuration for your pool fencing.

    If for any reason you are unable to have us come to your home to prepare your pool fence estimate, we also utilize Google Earth to get an exact aerial view of the pool area and yard. At this time, you will be able to discuss your specific needs, the height and color of fence you want and any possible upgrades you want to take advantage of.  While our fences are offered in a variety of styles and colors that can be adjusted to match your personal taste and budget, we only sell one grade fence, which is the safest around.

    We understand the need for many families to have their new pool fence installed as quickly as possible which is why we do everything we can to install your pool safety fence as soon as we are able to schedule an installation date. In fact, once you have decided on the fence and scheduled your installation, the actual installation itself only takes a few hours! Your home will be safer for your family in no time at all.

    Key Landmarks in Prairieville, LA

    Prairieville, Louisiana has plenty to offer its residents. With a population of 26,895, It is home to  Lake Charles, the Bayou Manchac, and the Robert Penn Warren Home.

    Pool Safety Resources for Prairieville Residents

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