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Morgan City, Louisiana is popular for its fresh and saltwater fishing and hunting with the local people engaged in diverse professions. Most of the homeowners have a swimming pool in their garden or backyard. Complying with all government and state swimming pool regulations is the utmost responsibility of every homeowner.  An open swimming pool area can pose potential hazards of water drownings and swimming pool accidents. Keep your children and pets safe by enclosing your pool premises with a reliable pool fence.

Life Saver Pool Fence The Gateway To Your Family’s Safety

If you are residing in Morgan City and have toddlers, young children, pets, and other family members suffering from an unstable health ailment, you must install a Life Saver Pool Fence for your family’s well-being.  As per the statistics given by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, one in five people who die from drowning are children below 14 years of age. The rate of emergency medical services for nonfatal submersion injuries for children is also high.

So often we hear instances of toddlers loitering to the pool area. A few seconds of distraction could lead to a life-threatening tragedy. Pool drowning is a huge concern in Louisiana, research has found that an average of 2.5 young children per 100,000 drowned in the U.S. from 2014 to 2017. Sadly, in Louisiana, the average was alarmingly high at 5.8 drownings per 100,000 children during the same period which is double the national rate.

Children and toddlers must be under parental supervision near the pool premises. Also, installing a mesh pool fence with a self-closing gate is the best defense against pool dangers.

Some safety measures  when installing a pool safety fence:

  • The pool mesh should be from a reliable pool fencing company that has been tested against weather conditions and is corrosion-resistant and free of abrasion.
  • The pool fence must have a self-closing door with a latch.
  • A transparent/translucent fence mesh does not distort the aesthetic value of your outdoor spaces, as well as is convenient for monitoring your children as visibility is maintained.
  • Your mesh fence must be backed by a genuine warranty and service
  • The pool fence company you hire in Morgan City should comply with all government regulations and safety measures of social distancing in these uncertain times.
  • All pool access points must be blocked.

We are the trusted pool fence installers in Morgan City and other areas in the state of Louisiana. We install pool fences professionally onto almost any surfaces. We value the safety of your loved ones.

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Benefits of Installing A Life Saver Pool Fence

Life Saver Pool Fence is the Number #1 pool fence choice for parents in and around the state of Louisiana. More and more homeowners are turning to us for installing the pool mesh in their homes.

The mesh pool fence from Life Saver is easy to install and remove in case you have a party or an event at home. The sturdy mesh is corrosion-proof and anti-abrasive, made of the toughest materials that are designed to withstand tremendous pressure and harsh weather conditions.

Our industry-trained installers attend yearly seminars conducted by our head office to stay updated with the latest technology and methods of pool fence installation.

You can contact Life Saver Pool Fence of Louisiana to schedule a FREE estimate. Our pool fence installers in Morgan City will come to your home to measure your pool and determine the best configuration for your pool fencing. If for some reason a physical inspection is not possible, we also utilize Google Earth to get an exact aerial view of the pool area and yard.


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    Life Saver Pool Fence: Keeping little feet on solid ground for 30 years.

    Landmarks in Morgan City, Louisiana

    Morgan City’s Louisiana Shrimp and Petroleum Festival on Labor Day weekend is a dual celebration of its prime industries. Morgan City’s 19-block historic center offers a bird’s eye view of the industrial vessels and shrimp boats plying the busy river. Tour a historic drilling rig, the International Petroleum Museum, or visit Swamp Gardens & Wildlife Zoo, which features alligators and black bears.

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