Pool Fences & Installations in St. James Parish, Louisiana

As proud parents ourselves, we understand the importance of ensuring the safety of our children. At Life Saver Pool Fence of Louisiana, we’ve dedicated ourselves to creating a solution that safeguards your loved ones around the pool area. Our innovative child pool safety fence in St. James Parish, Louisiana, is not just a physical barrier; it’s a promise to provide an added layer of protection even when adult supervision is not present.

The unique construction of our mesh makes it unclimbable, serving as the ultimate deterrent to pool access. When all else fails, our mesh pool fence in James Parish, Louisiana, stands as the last line of defense, preventing unsupervised entry of small children and pets. As a result, you experience peace of mind.

Drowning is a preventable tragedy that affects far too many families. In St. James Parish, Louisiana, the numbers are a stark reminder of the urgency to act. Louisiana has experienced 2.31 per 100,000 people which is one of the highest in America.

There are an estimated 71,000 swimming pools and 8,700 housing units scattered throughout our community. The need for a reliable pool fence couldn’t be clearer. Our mesh pool fence in St. James Parish, Louisiana provides a layer of protection to keep your children safe anywhere they belong — on the ground. To learn more about our pool fence options, please call (985) 397-1785 or get a FREE quote here.

Drowning Facts

Drowning remains a heart-wrenching reality, often claiming young lives. Shockingly, 77 percent of children who drown were last seen less than 5 minutes before the incident. Moreover, 69 percent of fatal drowning accidents occur when both parents are watching, leaving little time for intervention. Statistics reveal that common distractions, like chores (39 percent), socializing (18 percent), and phone use (9 percent), contribute to these tragic accidents. Stay vigilant and attentive – safeguard your children with a mesh pool fence that provides an effective barrier against these risks.


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    Life Saver Pool Fence: Keeping little feet on solid grounds for over 30 years.

    Pool Fence Regulations in St. James Parish, Louisiana

    To ensure the safety of our community, St. James Parish, Louisiana has implemented local pool fence regulations. All residential pool safety fences must be at least 4 inches tall. These requirements stipulate that all swimming pools must be enclosed by a pool fence of minimum height and specifications.

    At Life Saver Pool Fence of Louisiana, we’re well-versed in these regulations and can help you meet them while keeping your pool area secure. Request a FREE pool safety evaluation today! Please call us at (985) 397-1785 or contact us online.

    Why Install A Life Saver Pool Fence?

    When it comes to pool safety, nothing beats our premium solid core pool fence. Our fences are designed with you in mind – they’re easy to use, removable, and built with unparalleled strength. In fact, our patented, virtually unbreakable triple-reinforced solid core pole sets an industry standard for durability. This fence isn’t just a convenience; it’s a necessity for any responsible parent looking to provide the highest level of protection for their family.

    Life Saver Pool Fence Product Details

    Our premium solid core pool fence boasts an array of features that set it apart from the rest:

    • QuadStitch™ 4 stitched reinforced vinyl borders for added strength
    • Tension-based supports for superior stability
    • Various height and color options, including transparent black mesh
    • UV resistant components for longevity
    • Made in the USA with a lifetime warranty
    • Patented, virtually unbreakable triple-reinforced solid core pole
    • Professionally powder-coated aerospace grade aluminum poles
    • Textilene mesh with a tensile strength of over 387 pounds per square inch – unclimbable and see through
    • Self-latching and self-closing gate add-ons for convenience and security
    • Round-head fasteners and rounded edges for safety
    • Removable and easy-to-store design
    • Triple-reinforced solid poles for omni-directional support

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    Keep your pool area safe for your children. Surround your swimming pool with a mesh pool fence with a self-closing, self-latching pool gate. Contact Life Saver Pool Fence of Louisiana to request a FREE quote. Please call (985) 397-1785 or request a quote online.

    Pool Gates in St. James Parish, Louisiana

    Every pool fence needs a reliable pool gate to ensure controlled access. Our pool gates, available in arched and square designs, are meticulously crafted to prevent climbing. These gates play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of your pool fence system, offering secure entry for adults while safeguarding against unauthorized access by children.

    Mesh Pet Fence in St. James Parish, Louisiana

    Our commitment to safety extends to your furry family members. Our mesh pet fence provides a protective barrier, preventing pets from falling into the pool. Beyond pool safety, it can be used to create outdoor dog runs or partition off areas within your home to contain pets. Give your pets the security they deserve with our versatile mesh pet fence.

    We Offer Lifetime Warranty on our Fences

    At Life Saver Pool Fence of Louisiana, we stand by the quality of our products. That’s why we offer a lifetime warranty on every part of our fence. Our solid core pool fence, made with premium materials, will not deteriorate like fiberglass alternatives. It’s a promise of durability, ensuring that your investment in safety remains intact for years to come.

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    Life Saver Pool Fence is the premier removable mesh pool fence system on the market. We have been installing child pool safety fences in St. James Parish. Our commitment to your child’s safety and our product excellence is backed by a Lifetime Warranty on all of our safety pool fence systems and installations.

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    About St. James Parish, Louisiana

    Nestled in the heart of Louisiana, St. James Parish boasts a unique blend of culture and charm. With a population of 19,423, this vibrant community is known for its warm hospitality. Here are the top 5 landmarks:

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