Pool Fence Installations in Terrytown, Louisiana

When it comes to the safety and well-being of their toddlers, parents in Terrytown, Louisiana, don’t leave anything to chance, especially when it comes to pool safety. Life Saver Pool Fence isn’t designed just to enhance a backyard — it’s a critical safety measure designed to physically isolate toddlers from the pool area. Designed with an unclimbable Textilene mesh, the pool fence acts as a protective barrier that stands guard when all other layers of protection, including adult supervision, may be lacking.

Louisiana witnessed 60% of the number of drownings involving infants and children aged 0 to 14 years, escalating from 15 in 2019 to a worrying 24 in 2020. The Department of Health reported 25 drownings involving infants and children in 2021.

Terrytown is home to roughly 71,000 swimming pools and nearly 8,592 housing units. Getting a mesh pool fence in Terrytown, Louisiana is a necessity.

Drowning Facts

Despite the sad reality of these alarming statistics, drowning is still 100% preventable. 

  • A staggering 77% of drowned children were last seen less than five minutes before being discovered in the pool. 
  • 69% of fatal drowning accidents occurred while both parents were purportedly watching the child. 
  • What were parents doing at the time of these tragic incidents? Sadly, 39% were occupied with chores, 18% were socializing, and 9% were on the phone. 

These statistics emphasize the importance of maintaining consistent, undistracted supervision when your kids are around the pool. [Source: https://poolfence.com/pool-safety-guide/]

Pool Safety Regulations in Terrytown, Louisiana

Louisiana does not officially have a pool fence law for residential pools. However, parents are realizing the importance of having one installed because it saves children’s lives. Having a pool gate that’s self-closing and self-latching provides added security. 

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Why Install A Life Saver Pool Fence?

Life Saver Pool Fence is known for its exceptional safety, strength, and user-friendly design. Our pool fence has been carefully designed to create a strong and practical barrier that gives you peace of mind and keeps your toddlers safe. Life Saver Pool Fence of Louisiana provides you with all your pool fencing needs for your loved one’s safety.


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    Life Saver Pool Fence: Keeping little feet on solid grounds for over 30 years.

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    Key features of the Life Saver Premium Solid Core Pool Fence include:

    • A patented triple-reinforced solid core pole that excels in strength tests.
    • Aerospace-grade aluminum poles that are professionally powder-coated for durability.
    • The unclimbable Textilene® high mil mesh offers unrivaled strength and durability while being nearly indestructible and ‘see through’.
    • Reinforced QuadStitch™ vinyl borders on all sides to prevent unraveling and to maintain a finished look.
    • Multiple height options, from 3½ ft to 5 ft, and a broad color palette, including the highly transparent black mesh.
    • Self-latching and self-closing gates, available in square or arched top styles.
    • Rounded fasteners and edges to prevent injury.
    • Removable fencing sections for easy storage.
    • Lifetime warranty on all components.
    • Resistant to UV damage.
    • All these attributes culminate in a product that not only excels in providing safety but also enhances the aesthetics of your backyard. 
    • A variety of color options to ensure that your fence complements your home while fulfilling its primary mission of safety.
    • Made in the USA!

    Pool Gates in Terrytown, Louisiana

    A pool gate is an important addition to a pool fence and a child’s safety. Life Saver Pool Fence offers arched and square gates, both designed with the same durable, unclimbable mesh as our fences. It’s essential to remember that an enclosure without a secure gate potentially leaves an unsafe point of access, limiting the effectiveness of a pool safety fence in Terrytown, Louisiana.

    Mesh Pet Fence in Terrytown, Louisiana

    Our mesh pet fence ensures that your beloved pets stay on solid ground, reducing the risk of them falling into the pool when unattended. The pool fence can be creatively used to create an outdoor run for your pets, giving them a safe and enclosed space to play. You can even use the mesh pet fence to wall off sections of your home, such as your garage, helping to keep your pets contained and safe.

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    About Terrytown, Louisiana

    Situated on the west bank of the Mississippi River, Terrytown, Louisiana is a vibrant and growing community of around 25,388 residents. The city landmarks include the Gretna Historic District adding to its charm. Visitors and locals alike enjoy outdoor activities at Terrytown Playground, one of the city’s well-known recreational areas. Here are more notable landmarks:

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